Foot Treatments

Chiropody care for children

It's not uncommon to see children walking on their toes. Sometimes, their gait may seem wobbly, and their knees turn inward. It's important to know that certain foot and posterior chain disorders can affect toddlers from the moment they take their first steps. To play it safe, you can always make an appointment with a…

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ShockWave therapy for the feet

Chronic pain and injuries can be treated with ShockWave therapy. Indeed, the treatment may sound intimidating at first, but ShockWave therapy for the feet is a non-invasive method that works by stimulating the body's natural healing responses. It's a preferred treatment for those who want to avoid surgery and medication. Here's a rundown of the…

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Feet laser treatments

Laser treatment for feet, like ultrasound treatments, is a lesser-known podiatric solution among the public. However, it's an interesting alternative to invasive treatments. Quick to perform and yielding long-lasting results, foot laser treatments may interest you if you suffer from acute or chronic foot pain. Many patients approach laser therapy with a slew of questions:…

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Foot pain treatments

There are many possible sources of foot pain: a pathology, deformity, or posture problem. FootNetwork chiropodists offer a wide range of foot pain treatments for any condition. Let’s look into how you can get foot pain relief. You can examine your child's feet from the first months of life. Some foot pain may be congenital,…

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Foot taping

Foot taping, also known as therapeutic taping, is the application of an adhesive strip to a part of the body to treat it. It is a method used by physiotherapists, kinesiologists and chiropodists. It allows for gently treating injuries or conditions. For example, conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis or lower extremity imbalances can be…

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Cortisone injections in the foot

To treat your foot pain, whether it is caused by pathology or deformity, your chiropodist will begin using gentle, non-invasive methods. Most podiatric cases can be treated with manual therapy, rehabilitation exercises, splints, or custom orthotics. Nevertheless, some pain can be persistent and considerably reduce your quality of life. In this case, cortisone injections can…

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What is a Foot Orthosis?

A foot orthosis is a specialized insole designed to treat gait disorders. These therapeutic inserts can correct balance and posture, prevent and relieve pain, and improve overall comfort. Foot orthotics are available in two main types: over-the-counter or custom-made. Custom-made orthotics can be further divided into accommodative or functional orthotics. The shape, flexibility, and length…

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Foot care by chiropodists

Foot care can take many forms. For example, therapeutic massages, callus debridement and Shockwave treatments are all types of foot care. Chiropodists offer a wide range of foot care. Let’s look into the world of foot care and why foot care is essential. Foot care is a term used to describe any treatment that helps…

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Treatments for Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are common skin lesions that can cause discomfort, pain and aesthetic issues. It is essential to seek treatment to prevent their spread and avoid complications. In this article, you will learn about various treatment options for plantar warts and get expert guidance on preventing their recurrence. A plantar wart is a skin growth…

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Treatments for ingrown toenails

Toenail care, as part of overall foot care, is one of the services offered by chiropodists. Ingrown toenails, which can be very uncomfortable, require professional care to avoid complications. Here are the ingrown toenail treatments offered in a podiatric clinic to fix ingrown toenails permanently.  An ingrown toenail is a nail that grows abnormally into…

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