Foot pain treatments

Updated on 26 April 2023

Foot pain treatments

There are many possible sources of foot pain: a pathology, deformity, or posture problem. FootNetwork chiropodists offer a wide range of foot pain treatments for any condition. Let’s look into how you can get foot pain relief.

Treatment of foot pain in children

You can examine your child’s feet from the first months of life. Some foot pain may be congenital, such as clubfoot. Others can occur as soon as your child starts to walk. A toddler who complains of foot pain after an activity or has an unsteady gait may have flat feet. Fatigue and discomfort are often symptoms that should be taken seriously. A podiatry consultation will allow a chiropodist to check the alignment of your child’s lower limbs and any postural problems. The earlier treatment begins, the greater the chances of avoiding complications in adulthood. One of the most common solutions is custom-made foot orthotics, which effectively correct imbalances.  

 Foot care to relieve foot pain

Some skin or toenail problems can be easily treated in a podiatric clinic. Nail fungus, warts and calluses can become painful and debilitating if not treated in time. A chiropodist and their team can provide care to relieve your foot pain. This includes creams, nail thinning, corns and calluses treatment, and foot baths. Surgeries are not included in this field of expertise.

Sports and foot pain treatment with therapeutic bandages

Although it is for everyone, taping, also known as therapeutic taping, is an effective method of dealing with pain in sports. Three types of therapeutic taping are used to complement foot pain treatment. Neuro-proprioceptive taping focuses on using a muscle to relieve those that need it. It is a good way to relieve pain and swelling. Therapeutic or compressive bandaging corrects your foot’s posture by reducing joint tension. The athletic bandage will be applied to targeted areas of your foot, allowing you to continue enjoying your activity. This type of bandage supports the healing of your foot by limiting specific movements. Therapeutic taping is another way to treat sports foot pain. Your chiropodist usually does this in addition to manual care or rehabilitation. The bandage reduces inflammation, muscle weakness and tension in your foot. It is also very effective in relieving muscle and joint pain.  

Foot pain relief with manual therapies

Manual foot therapy involves applying compressive and tensile forces in the soft tissues and joints to improve your range of motion. This treatment for foot pain targets the joints and loosens the tissues. The technique used by your chiropodist depends on the diagnosis. Foot relief using manual therapy is a method used to relieve pathologies, injuries and inflammations. It is a standard foot pain treatment for sprains, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. 

Prevention of foot pain with a biomechanical exam

A biomechanical exam allows a chiropodist to observe you in movement, including the position of your foot while walking. This evaluation helps to detect postural problems and understand the foot’s dynamics. The chiropodist will be able to identify joint problems and the possible causes of your foot pain. The biomechanical exam is a health check-up of your feet, which your chiropodist uses to prescribe foot pain treatment and relieve foot pain.  

Postural imaging to improve posture

Some mild asymmetries or alignment problems are challenging to establish with the naked eye. Postural imaging helps to confirm a diagnosis and deepen your chiropodist’s insight after a biomechanical exam. Unlike X-rays, postural imaging uses only light beams or static images. These are projected onto your body to identify its topography. The chiropodist can pinpoint the source of your pain by observing any imbalances. They will advise you on the most appropriate foot pain treatment to improve your posture. 

Custom foot orthotics to correct foot problems

Whether you seek relief, stability, or rehabilitation, foot orthotics can help you. Custom-made foot orthotics can correct biomechanical problems and relieve pressure points. There are soft, semi-rigid and rigid orthotics. The choice of the orthotic depends on your condition, determined by your chiropodist after an exam; it can be done with traditional methods or 3D digital imaging that allows a foot healthcare professional to take precise images of your foot to customize your orthotics. Flat feet, foot bunions or pelvic imbalance problems can also be corrected with orthotics. Once created, your orthotics can easily slip into your shoes. Follow-ups are necessary to monitor your condition and make adjustments if necessary.

Custom-made Minor surgeries to treat your feet 

Chiropodists are authorized to perform minor soft tissue surgeries on your foot. For example, cysts can be treated. Ingrown toenails can be relieved and prevented from recurring.

Laser therapy to treat many foot pathologies

In podiatry, laser therapy relieves foot pain and tissue inflammation. The advantage of this therapy is that it is non-invasive and painless. It can also treat a wide range of surface and deep-rooted foot pathologies. These include metatarsalgia, bursitis, tendonitis, and even diabetic foot ulcers. Some osteoarthritis-related pain can also be treated with laser therapy. Your chiropodist will determine the number of sessions needed as well as the length and power of the light beam.

Ultrasound treatment: A solution for foot pain

Ultrasound treatment is a gentle method that offers several benefits. Ultrasound treatment improves blood circulation, softens tissue, and reduces inflammation by inducing micro-vibrations into the skin. Ultrasound treatments support healing your foot injuries, such as sprains and fractures, wounds and ulcers. Coupled with other types of therapy that your foot care professional will recommend, ultrasound treatment is an excellent solution for foot pain. 

Cortisone injections to relieve foot inflammation

Cortisone injections are an effective remedy for joint pain and pain in the arches and certain parts of your foot. Corticoid injections relieve inflammation, whether it is in the ankle, heel, knee or foot. However, it is a solution prescribed when previous treatments do not work. Cortisone is a hormone naturally produced by the human body. It is, therefore, easily assimilated and non-allergenic. This fast-action foot treatment can significantly reduce pain for several months.

Shockwave therapy to treat foot pain

Shockwave therapy is an alternative to surgery or cortisone infiltrations, which emits high-intensity shock waves into the area to be treated. These waves stimulate the inflammation of the tissues to mobilize the body in the healing process. It is a non-invasive therapy that can be used to treat conditions such as heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, foot injuries and inflammation. The session can be uncomfortable or painful, but the results effectively inhibit pain. However,  your condition may not be eligible for this method. It is crucial to communicate your health history to your chiropodist.

FootNetwork offers substantial foot pain relief

FootNetwork’s member clinics have state-of-the-art equipment for foot pain treatment. Caring for your feet is our priority, regardless of your condition or age. If you are suffering from foot pain but are unsure of what type of treatment is right for you, contact us

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