I’m a chiropodistist and I would like to join the network

Our FootNetWork network gives foot care professionals a chance to experience work and life from a different angle. Indeed, would it not be great if, instead of being surrounded by competitors, you could work with a group of like minded professionals? That is exactly what our network offers you, i.e. a group of independent owners who work together under a unified corporate banner. Our aim is to help everyone involved derive the best possible professional experience from this commercial network, and to offer their clients the very best available services.

PiedRéseau network allows its members to work and grow together while remaining independent. By joining our network, you will be able to cut back on time spent on management tasks and clinical tool development. Offer your clients better and more diversified services. Join our network to give yourself more time to pursue your passion – podiatry.

Our network is constaFootNetwork provides an opportunity to approach things differently and
work collaboratively. Rather than perceiving competition around, what if
we viewed other as potential allies?

Although the the members of the network are all independent, they share one ultimate goal:
to get the most out of their practice and provide the best care for their patients.
The network will quickly gain you visibility and notoriety through its vast information strategy.
The network has been specifically designed with the sole purpose of allowing you to fully
focus on your passion for podiatry. By joining FootNetwork, you will reduce the time spent on
management and the time spent on clinical tools that are less suitable for providing better
services to your patients.

We negotiate volume agreements and implement digital solutions to simplify your management
and increase your revenue, all while ensuring an improved experiencee for both you
and your patients. We offer various benefits, such as :
• Clinical software included
• Microbiological test for sterilizer included
• Brochures, clinical video, telephone message on hold
• Explanatory documents and clinical consents
• Exercise software included

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