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Choosing the services of Dr. Marie-Christine Bourque, podiatrist, means depending on an committed professional who has adopted the mission of educating her patients, in clinics or at conferences. Dr. Bourque wants to contribute to people’s comfort and well-being on a daily basis by using her vast knowledge to care for them.

In addition to her expertise in podiatry, Dr. Bourque, podiatrist, has several years of experience as a clinical nurse in the Lévis region. In 2006, she began her studies to become a podiatrist. During this period, she completed a 4-month internship at the prestigious New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM). This experience led her to open her first podiatry clinic located in Lévis in June of 2011.  

Since then, the team at the Marie-Christine Bourque podiatry clinics has expanded. Dr. Jenny Boutin, also a podiatrist, brought her expertise to the team. A native of the Bellechasse region, this doctoral student in podiatric medicine at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) also received her training at the NYCPM. 

In particular, Dr. Boutin has been able to work with diabetics and hemodialysis patients to treat their feet and provide follow-up care. In addition, she has a radiology license, which allows her to use the latest diagnostic technology. 


Marie-Christine Bourque podiatry clinic – Montmagny

1A-25, Boulevard Taché E, Montmagny, QC G5V 1B6

1-888 562-7262 Toll free

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A comforting clinic that is attentive to your needs

Since 2011, the Clinique podiatrique Marie-Christine Bourque has been providing courteous and professional service. Located in Montmagny, on the South Shore of Quebec City, the clinic gives you access to a wide range of treatments and expertise to heal your feet and joints. 

The team at the clinic takes the time needed to listen to you and treat you effectively. And all the staff also make it a point of honour to explain your condition in clear and simple terms. No detail is left to chance. 

Dr. Marie-Christine Bourque, podiatrist, opened a second podiatry clinic in Lévis to provide access to complete foot care services for the residents of the area. 

Take advantage of a courteous, professional, warm and caring team to help you overcome your pain, located just a few minutes from the Quebec Bridge! 

An attentive and humane team that is committed to its community

Dre Marie-Christine Bourque

Dr. Marie-Christine Bourque podiatrist

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Dre Jenny Boutin

Dr. Jenny Boutin podiatrist

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Dre Marie-Noëlle Tardif

Dr. Marie-Noëlle Tardif podiatrist

Vanessa Turgeon

Vanessa Turgeon

Diane Aubé

Diane Aubé

Lucie Blanchette

Lucie Blanchette

Dr. Marie-Christine Bourque podiatrist

Podiatrist Dr. Marie-Christine Bourque began a great professional adventure by founding her first podiatry clinic in Lévis after completing her podiatry studies in 2011. Following that, in 2013, a second facility carrying her name opened in the heart of Montmagny.


A training rich in knowledge and experience

Dr. Bourque, podiatrist intended to advance her professional career by studying podiatry at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières (UQTR) after working as a clinical nurse for five years. Her four-month internship at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) gave her the opportunity to put this newfound knowledge into action.

Even with her extensive experience, this dedicated podiatrist has strived to improve her practice:

Podiatrist Dr. Bourque has handled multiple diabetic foot problems since starting her two clinics. She is also passionate about biomechanics and podopediatrics.


Dedication, rigor and humanity: the 3 key words of Dr. Bourque

Podiatrist Dr. Bourque is dedicated to training the future generation, developing her specialty, and correctly teaching her peers through conferences, education, and rigorous follow-up.

Whether you’re in the vicinity of Lévis or Montmagny, you can rely on a compassionate, humane podiatrist who is attentive to your needs: the most effective way to treat your foot pain.


Dr. Jenny Boutin podiatrist

Dr. Jenny Boutin, a podiatrist based in the Quebec City area, has been practicing at the Marie-Christine Bourque podiatry clinic since completing her studies. She is a registered practitioner who graduated in 2013 and has expertise treating a wide range of conditions.

Podiatrist Dr. Boutin particularly enjoys devising treatments for her younger patients.


Advanced training

Dr. Boutin, podiatrist spent a few months at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine after completing her podiatric residency at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. She was able to perfect her expertise of biomechanical evaluation, podopedics, and surgery during her external internship.

She has also obtained a radiology license since, determined to further her abilities. This additional accreditation allows her to do foot ultrasound imaging, which is beneficial in diagnosing and treating soft tissue problems.

Jenny Boutin, DPM, finds mastery of these skills valuable because she has a strong interest in biomechanical disorders and postural anomalies.

She provides podiatric care to a wide spectrum of patients on a daily basis. Her customized care for diabetics, sportsmen, and young children distinguishes her as an exceptional podiatrist.


A podiatrist who possesses undeniable human qualities

Jenny Boutin is a dedicated professional who enjoys becoming connected with the people in her community. On a volunteer basis, she has taken part in a number of sporting activities in her community.

Podiatrist Dr. Jenny Boutin treats you and your family with the sort of care that makes her patients happy.


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