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In addition to founding her own podiatry clinic in Shawinigan, Dr. Champagne, Podiatrist, is committed to training the next generation in the profession. She is a lecturer at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, and also supervises several students at the university clinic.

You can count on the customized treatments offered by the team at the Clinique podiatrique Geneviève Champagne in Shawinigan to maximize your daily well-being.

Geneviève Champagne podiatry clinic

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A clinic that prioritizes your well-being and a job well done


The Clinique podiatrique Geneviève Champagne has been welcoming you in a warm and family atmosphere since 2010, to make you more comfortable and respond to all your needs. The clinic has all the necessary equipment to effectively relieve your foot pain and adapt to your specific needs.

Concerned about the comfort and well-being of her patients, the podiatrist Geneviève Champagne adopts a dynamic, preventive and customized approach so that you feel better as quickly as possible. She also spends a considerable amount of time explaining your condition to you in detail.

Our team

Dre Geneviève Champagne, podiatre

Dr. Geneviève Champagne podiatrist

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Dre Stéphanie Gélinas

Dr. Stéphanie Gélinas-Juneau podiatrist

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Joanie Bordeleau foot care auxiliary nurse

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Manon Malenfant administrative assistant

Dr. Geneviève Champagne podiatrist

Dr. Geneviève Champagne, a podiatrist who graduated in 2010, focuses on a therapeutic treatment that promotes collaboration and conviviality. The podiatrist has been running her own clinic since graduation, and she is constantly striving to develop her skills in order to provide the highest quality of service.


A journey defined by the drive to excel

Podiatrist Dr. Champagne has a university path worthy of being recognized as an accomplished practitioner. She completed her podiatry training at UQTR before spending a few months at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine to expand her knowledge.

Geneviève Champagne’s expertise in podiatry consists of four years of university education as well as physical therapy training, with a focus on therapeutic taping.

This podiatrist also holds a radiology license and can use cutting-edge technology to deepen her diagnoses. Her passion for biomechanics has led her to complete a European course in the manufacturing of foot orthoses.


A highly sought-after podiatrist

Despite her busy schedule, podiatrist Geneviève Champagne makes time to share her theoretical and practical knowledge to future generations of podiatrists. She has been a lecturer in sports podiatry at the UQTR since 2013 for this purpose.

Dr. Geneviève Champagne, podiatrist has a simple vision: to provide patients of all ages with personalized examinations, diagnoses, and treatments in a comfortable and courteous setting.


Dr. Stéphanie Gélinas-Juneau podiatrist

Podiatrist Dr. Stéphanie Gélinas-Juneau, was a statistician in the government for seven years, before professionally changing her career to get into podiatry. She received a doctorate in podiatric medicine from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) in 2010.

This degree enhances her broad academic background, including a Bachelor of Statistics and a Master of Epidemiology. A four-month residency at the esteemed New York College of Podiatric Medicine has even further contributed to this wealth of experience.

Stéphanie Gélinas-Juneau, DPM, joined the Geneviève Champagne clinic team in Shawinigan in 2020 to offer her experience in podiatry. This foot care practitioner has previously worked also at Drummondville and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.


A versatile podiatrist with a broad practice

We can list sports podiatry, podiatry and podogeriatry among the main expertises of the podiatrist Stéphanie Gélinas-Juneau. This practitioner is thus able, regardless of age or health, to treat all kinds of patients.

Dr. Gélinas-Juneau, podiatrist, has also trained in kinesio taping and active release techniques (ART) with an insatiable hunger for learning. These training sessions enable her to provide the treatment necessary to alleviate muscle tensions more efficiently.


Outstanding professionalism

No doubt the outstanding career of this podiatrist is far from complete. This professional never ceases to develop her abilities in addition to the training that she takes each year. She possesses a license for radiography and is capable of administering laser therapy in the treatment of diseases such as bursitis, tendinitis or fasciitis. 

Podiatrist Stéphanie Gélinas-Juneau is committed, enthusiastic and sensitive to the requirements of her patients and serves all Shawinigan people with exceptional dedication.


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